How to Safely Clean Your Kitchen Sink

Are their any fans of Flylady out there? Years ago when I was a newlywed, I tried to organize my life and clean my home with the help of Flylady.

Flylady’s first baby step is to shine your sink. I remember following her step-by-step sink shining instructions for the first time – and I was such a new homemaker that I was surprised that I actually needed to clean my sink.

How to Safely Clean Your Kitchen Sink {Accidentally Green}

All sinks do need to be cleaned. But because I want to keep all chemical cleaning products out of my home, I can’t follow Flylady’s suggestions of bleach, Comet, Ajax, Windex, and Bar Keepers Friend anymore.

Bar Keepers FriendTake Bar Keepers Friend, for example. Because it’s an old-fashioned cleaning product, I assumed it was safe. But when I used it, the scent made me question if it was really as safe as I hoped.

After some checking on the Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning, I found that Bar Keeper’s Friend – both the powder and soft cleaner – received Fs. The products rated so poorly because of oxalic acid – an ingredient that affects organs. (Keep in mind that this same guide also rated Borax with an F, and many naturally minded homemakers still trust and choose to use it.)

Safe, homemade options

If you’re looking for a safe way to clean your sinks, look no farther than your kitchen cupboards. I’ve had great success with half of a lemon, table salt, and baking powder. Using the salt as a scouring agent, I scrub it into the sink with the lemon half.

To try to lighten stains in my porcelain kitchen sink, I use baking soda and salt. (I’ve sadly found that due to the age my kitchen, certain stains on my countertops and sink are there to stay – unless we replace them.)

What I do in my own home

Enviro ClothWhen I’m not trying to scour my sink with the salt and lemon method, I love wiping my sinks out with Norwex EnviroCloth. (Disclosure: I’m an independent sales consultant of Norwex.)

The EnviroCloth’s microfiber attracts and holds dirt and grime. Once it’s trapped in the microfiber, naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial silver that’s in the EnviroCloth cleanses the cloth. I love this effective way of cleaning my sinks safely.

Talk back

What’s your favorite chemical-free way to clean your sinks?

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