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I HATE spiders. It doesn’t matter what size they are or how they benefit the environment … they give me the heebie jeebies. Spiders aren’t repelled by chemicals, so forget trying to spray them away. If you’d like to prevent spiders from living in or around your home, here are some natural tips:spiderweb
  • Clean your house! Don’t give spiders a chance to spin their webs anywhere inside (or outside) your home. Regularly clean your home and dust or sweep away any spider webs. Remove clutter, too. (Outside, this includes weeding and trimming shrubs.)
  • Take care of your house. Seal any cracks you find outside (or inside) to keep spiders and other bugs from taking up residence.
  • Spiders don’t like citrusy essential oils. Add essential orange oil or essential lemon oil to your all-purpose surface cleaner. You can add it to your water when you mop floors, too.
  • To make an anti-spider spray, mix two cups distilled water, a couple drops of dish soap and five to fifteen drops of lemon oil. Spray it in corners where you know spiders are usually attracted.
  • Make another anti-spider spray by mixing 1 cup distilled water, ½ tablespoon dish soap and six drops of tea tree oil. Spray it in places where spiders are attracted, like doorways and corners.
  • For other natural remedies, put chestnuts around the exterior walls of your house, as well as on every windowsill. If chestnuts aren’t effective, try eucalyptus leaves instead.
  • If you live in an area where Osage oranges grow (also known as hedge apples, horse apples, or fruit from bois d’arc trees), place them around your home or wherever you’d like to repel spiders. You can also quarter the Osage oranges and put one quarter in each corner of your room.

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