Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

As I get older, I realize what a bittersweet time Christmas can be. My heart delights in watching the wonder and joy in my young children’s faces. And I adore their excitement. But part of me sorely misses loved ones who aren’t here this Christmas.

For many people who aren’t surrounded by the infectious joy of children – and even those who are – Christmas is downright difficult. Challenges and losses are magnified at this time of the year. I can’t even imagine what the season seems like to those living without the thrill of Christ’s birth.

Whatever condition your heart is in this Christmas, I pray that you will discover the peace and hope found only in Jesus Christ. I pray that He will transform your sadness into joy, your discontentment into a fulfilled life. I know He can. My Christmas wish is that you will let Him.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas.

Blessings to you,

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Hilary Kimes Bernstein is a Christ follower, wife, mama, and journalist. She writes about making healthy decisions that honor God and happen to help the environment at Accidentally Green. Short and sweet - like her writing - Hilary is the author of several healthy living eBooks.

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