Giving the Gift of Experience

Every now and then, when you want to give an extra special gift, consider giving an experience gift.

Giving the Gift of Experience {}

The gift can be one of two ways: You can give your own time and treat your recipient to some sort of an experience with you. You could choose:

  • Dinner out,
  • A concert or sporting event,
  • An afternoon at a museum,
  • A shopping spree together, or
  • A destination vacation. 

Based on my own personal experiences, it’s great to give and receive this kind of a gift. It does require a time commitment from both people, but that’s part of what makes it extra special.

The other kind of experience is when you’re not giving your time as part of the gift – you’re simply giving an experience. It could be:

  • A skydiving session
  • A membership to a science center, museum or zoo, or
  • A movie or restaurant gift card so your recipient can enjoy some time out.

I’m a big fan of both types of experience gifts, because I love to get out and do things. Whether it’s by myself or with the gift-giver, it’s a treat.

The only major snafu comes when the gift giver isn’t mindful of the recipient’s tastes. Of course, it’s a gift, so the recipient shouldn’t be too picky.

But if you’re thinking of treating someone to a night at a casino and the recipient staunchly opposes gambling, then it’s a horrible gift. You get the idea – the gift could easily be a football game, a trip, or a night at the opera, but if the recipient isn’t at all interested, then the gift will end up being a burden instead of a treat.

Just like any time you give a gift, put a little thought into your selection process. Chances are you’ll bless someone with a unique gift that won’t soon be forgotten.

What have some of your favorite experience gifts been … to give AND to receive?

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Hilary Kimes Bernstein is a Christ follower, wife, mama, and journalist. She writes about making healthy decisions that honor God and happen to help the environment at Accidentally Green. Short and sweet - like her writing - Hilary is the author of several healthy living eBooks.

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    Love these ideas! When my husband and I got married, friends of ours gave us several gift certificates – for a restaurant, for an ice cream place, for movies. It was great because we were broke newlyweds, but now we had a bunch of dates we could do!!! When we moved, my aunt did a similar thing, which helped us get to know some places in a new city. As you say, however, the gift card or experience has to suit the recipient! :)

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