Why should anyone care about living a healthy, “green” lifestyle?

For years I lived without thinking much about my own health, let alone what benefited the environment. Then I got pregnant and started learning about all the unnecessary everyday dangers that could (or should) be prevented. Living a healthier lifestyle just makes sense – not only does it directly benefit you, but it helps the environment, too.I’ve shared my ultimate reason behind Accidentally Green in the post “Celebrating Earth Day every day.” 

Why should I read your blog?

As a former newspaper editor and columnist with 12 years of professional experience editing and writing for newspapers and magazines, I know the art of investigating facts, thoroughly researching both sides of a story, writing, and revising. I believe God has prepared me specifically for this blog. Early on in my career I discovered I was meant to help others through investigative journalism.

And, my central reason for Accidentally Green always boils down to stewardship. We desperately need to be good stewards of what God has entrusted us with – including our bodies, our families, and this earth. It makes perfect sense to me, then, that my first professional article, Tending Our Talents, explains stewardship. Humbling enough, the Lord has used that article to reach countless believers – currently it’s used as a Bible study in Cru’s (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ’s) training materials.

Beyond my journalistic credentials, I’m an ordinary wife and mother. I care deeply for my family and try to make the healthiest decisions for the four of us. I view everything through this protective and passionate perspective. Because of this, you can trust that my blog posts come from the heart of a woman who is concerned and informed. However, I am not a trained medical professional. Advice given in this blog is not intended to substitute counsel from a trusted healthcare professional.

When can new blog posts be expected?

Accidentally Green will be updated with a few new posts each week, typically on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Do you accept guest posts?

No. Guest posts are not accepted at this time.

Are you available for public speaking engagements?

Yes. Please contact me at accidentallygreen@gmail.com, and we can discuss my speaking topics and availability. 

What version of the Bible is used in quoted scripture?

New International Version and English Standard Version, unless otherwise noted. 

How do I contact you?

I would love to hear from you! Please e-mail me at accidentallygreen@gmail.com. I apologize in advance if I don’t give an immediate response; I limit my time online for the sake of my family. I want to hear what you’re thinking, though … especially if Accidentally Green is affecting your life in any particular way or if you have questions about any topics I’ve written about.

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How do I help support Accidentally Green?

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Hilary Kimes Bernstein