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Be Part of Accidentally Green’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Be part of Accidentally Green's 2014 Gift Guide {}

Christmas is right around the corner! Like it or hate it, this is the time of year people are in a shopping frame of mind. This year’s Accidentally Green Holiday Gift Guide, from Nov. 20 to Dec. 31, will help readers make holiday purchases.If you have a business and would like to be part of the guide, there are two options: Option 1 $20 includes: A paragraph in the gift guide (the guide will be posted on the website and

Enter to win a Norwex Towel … and Fight Colds & Flus

Enter to Win a Norwex Towel {}

A couple weeks ago, I shared how I’ve been curbing colds and flus in my home by using Norwex towels in my bathroom. Funny thing … I am currently fighting a cold. My symptoms started on Sunday afternoon once I returned from Allume – after I had spent three days with hundreds of women, and 12 hours traveling in four different airports. All in cold and flu season. According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of a common cold usually appear about one

Enter to Win a Royal Berkey {Giveaway!}

My guess is that you are blessed with access to clean running water. We don’t really worry about getting parasites or other waterborne diseases when we turn on our tap. But while we are blessed with clean water coming through indoor plumbing, are you aware of some of the environmental contaminants that are frequently found in that water? Traces of heavy metals like mercury and aluminum, pesticide residues, and volatile organic compounds can be found in our drinking water! This

Safe, Homemade Laundry Detergent … Without Making It On Your Own

Safe, Homemade Laundry Detergent … Without Making It On Your Own {}

Disclosure: Meliora K has sponsored this review. All opinions are completely my own. Have you ever tried to make your own laundry detergent? I did – for a couple years. As a new stay-at-home mom, I wanted to save money so I grated my own soap, melted and mixed the thee-ingredient soap. The soap cleaned well enough, but the process wasn’t exactly convenient – especially with two little babies. And after making healthier and greener choices, I finally checked into the

What Do You Think Clean Smells Like?

What Does Clean Smell Like? {}

Disclosure: Freshana has sponsored this review. All opinions are completely my own. Before I turned green, I absolutely loved to use artificial air fresheners in my home. I never once stopped to think that a home shouldn’t smell like a spring meadow – because it was a home and not a meadow. Honestly, I liked the fragrance. Scented laundry detergent, scented fabric softeners, scented cleaning products – I never cared if the scents clashed. (And they did!) I simply thought that

Trying {& Liking} Moody Sisters’ Powder Deodorant

Trying {& Liking} Moody Sisters’ Powder Deodorant {}

Disclosure: Moody Sisters has sponsored this review. All opinions are completely my own. Natural deodorant? I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t been one to try it much. After sampling a vinegar-based spray – and getting whiffs of vinegar from my armpits all day long – I’ve stuck to safer commercial brands. But I’ve been a dissatisfied customer. Synthetic-based deodorant or not, it leaves me stinking when I’m truly sweating. Since this typically happens when I’m in the middle

Starting the 21-Day Belly Fix

Trying the 21-Day Belly Fix {}

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of “The 21-Day Belly Fix.” All opinions are my own. Hippocrates may have known that “all disease starts in the gut,” but I’ve been ignoring his wisdom. Quite content with my diet of real food, I’ve admittedly ignored the current trends in gut health. Why? I’ve been content with the way I feel – and honestly I wasn’t feeling up to making another radical healthy change. I also wondered if gut health was just