Becoming a Healthy Homemaker

Becoming a Healthy Homemaker {}

Have you ever considered that the way you care for your home is a stewardship issue? How you clean and what you choose to fill your home with reveal what kind of a steward you are. Cleaning your home How often do you clean? How clean is clean? What do you use to clean your home? All are excellent questions to ask yourself when considering your stewardship – and all answers are unique to you and your home. (You can

What Do You Think Clean Smells Like?

What Does Clean Smell Like? {}

Before I turned green, I absolutely loved to use artificial air fresheners in my home. I never once stopped to think that a home shouldn’t smell like a spring meadow – because it was a home and not a meadow. Honestly, I liked the fragrance. Scented laundry detergent, scented fabric softeners, scented cleaning products – I never cared if the scents clashed. (And they did!) I simply thought that clean had a scent. I never thought about the scent being

Go to the Homemaking From Scratch Conference … From the Comfort of Your Own Home


Do you want to improve your homemaking skills and grow with other women in a Titus 2 setting? The first Homemaking From Scratch online conference is comprehensive guide to more efficient and effective homemaking! Join us October 7 – 9th, 2014 for the homemaking event of the year. 12 amazing homemaking bloggers and authors have come together to offer you a conference packed with Biblical homemaking advice, wisdom, tips, and resources on topics ranging from homemaking routines to Biblical motherhood to natural

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An infographic by the team at Rebates Zone. .

Readers’ Choice: Safe Deodorants

Readers' Choice: Safe Deodorants {}

Woo hoo! This is Accidentally Green’s 1,000th post! Looking for safe deodorant options? In a recent poll on Accidentally Green’s Facebook page, fans had plenty of suggestions: Carrie chooses Norwex Crystal Deodorant. Valerie uses Wright Family Products’ organic deodorant. Amy prefers NYR Organic’s Lemon and Coriander Deodorant. Staci, Chrissy and Rachel like Funk Fighter by Pure Pursuit. Bronwyn prefers lavanila. Corinne, Kristin, April and Lyndsi love Ava Anderson Nontoxic. Tina chooses Tom’s of Maine. Andrea recommends Arbonne’s pure mint deodorant. Melissa loves

Make Your Own Deodorant

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As you know very well, once you reach a certain age, you need deodorant. I’ve spent days without it – simply by forgetting – and once I get a whiff of my body odor, I’m quickly reminded that I need it. The trouble is, it’s hard to find a great product. I’m all for sweating – it’s a natural body process (and a pretty amazing God-created one!) so I skip anti-perspirants. But I like to mask my body odor when

Trying {& Liking} Moody Sisters’ Powder Deodorant

Trying {& Liking} Moody Sisters’ Powder Deodorant {}

Disclosure: Moody Sisters has sponsored this review. All opinions are completely my own. Natural deodorant? I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t been one to try it much. After sampling a vinegar-based spray – and getting whiffs of vinegar from my armpits all day long – I’ve stuck to safer commercial brands. But I’ve been a dissatisfied customer. Synthetic-based deodorant or not, it leaves me stinking when I’m truly sweating. Since this typically happens when I’m in the middle