7 Reasons to Buy the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

7 Reasons to Buy the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle {accidentallygreen.com}

Today’s the day, my friends … the last day you can snag this year’s Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. I’ve spent the past six days highlighting different aspects. But since the sale ends at midnight tonight (or maybe sooner, if 30,000 copies are sold first), I wanted to give you a few more hours to consider the virtues of this bundle. It’s the third Ultimate Bundle I’ve been a part of, and I love it like every other Ultimate Bundle. Why?

You Rock.

You Rock {AccidentallyGreen.com}

During Saturday night’s Accidentally Green Healthy Living Party on Facebook, I asked partygoers to share one healthy change you’ve made in 2014. 2014 has been one healthy year for a lot of you! I am so proud of you. Here are 85 of the changes Accidentally Green readers have made in the past nine months: Holly has lost 25+ pounds to help control her diabetes. Chele has stopped using chemicals in her home. She’s also stopped medications and she uses 100%

And the winners are …

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who participated in Accidentally Green’s Ultimate Healthy Living Facebook Party! I had a great time learning more about your healthy living journeys. Thanks for spending part of your Saturday night with me! Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle The party was in honor of the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle – a carefully curated collection of eBooks, eCourses and bonus items worth more than $1,030. The bundle includes amazing essential oil resources, as well as cookbooks for

You’re invited to Accidentally Green’s Facebook Party!

You’re invited to Accidentally Green’s Facebook Party!

Who: YOU When: Tonight from 10 to 11 p.m., EST Where: On Accidentally Green’s Facebook Page Why: Because I can hardly wait to pick your brains about healthy living tips! Last fall I hosted Accidentally Green’s first Facebook party – and I loved it. It was so fun for me to chat with all of you – and to see you visiting with and learning from each other. It also was a ton of fun to host a lot of

Understanding Why You Should Avoid Artificial Food Coloring

Understanding Why You Should Avoid Artificial Food Coloring {accidentallygreen.com}

Wondering why your child is struggling with hyperactivity or a lack of focused attention? Have you considered what he or she is eating? When my son began having issues, I began examining what he was eating. And I found a common thread: Food coloring. I eliminated all artificial food coloring from his diet, as well as some natural coloring (like annatto). The difference was remarkable. I even tried the food coloring experiment with other children and was amazed at the

10 Reasons Why I Won’t Share My Ultimate Bonus Offers

10 Reasons Why I Won't Share My Ultimate Bonus Offers {accidentallygreen.com}

This spring, I bought an Ultimate Homemaking Bundle just so I could get the free bonuses. It was great! I picked out exactly what I wanted, then waited to get package after package in the mail. (I did have to pay shipping fees, but the value of free products was well worth paying a few extra dollars.) I gave away the bonuses I didn’t want to Accidentally Green readers. With this fall’s Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, I will NOT share

How Healthy Living Became My New Normal

How Healthy Living Became My New Normal {accidentallygreen.com}

Long-time Accidentally Green readers already know that I haven’t always made healthy choices. In fact, for the vast majority of my life, I made very unhealthy choices. Granted, I grew up in the 70s and 80s, and there wasn’t such a focus on health. OK … so I do remember the Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda exercise crazes and choosing margarine over butter. But hydrogenated fats, refined sugars and flours were completely normal purchases. Kool-Aid, in all of its sugar