Accidentally Green currently generates more than 24,000 page views each month. Sponsorship opportunities available to companies that would like to reach a community that strives to make healthy choices that honor God and happen to help the environment.

Accidentally Green offers several partnership options for brands. They include sponsored posts, reviews, giveaways, and ads. (Download Accidentally Green’s current media kit here.)

Sponsored posts

If you would like your business or product featured on Accidentally Green – without a review – the current cost for a one-time sponsored post is $100 and includes promotion via newsletter and social media.


Would you like your product reviewed on Accidentally Green? Reviews will always include honest feedback. A product is required in order for a review to be published. No product will be returned to sender. Sending a product for review also gives you the option to host a giveaway at no charge.

The current cost for a one-time review is $75 and includes promotion via newsletter and social media.


There is a $25 value minimum for giveaway items – however, readers are more engaged and enthusiastic to enter when the giveaway item is a higher value.

Giveaways are free of charge if Accidentally Green is sent a product to review in addition to the product being given away.

If you would rather only participate in the giveaway – without review – the current rate is $25 and includes promotion via newsletter and social media.


Ads run for 30 days at a time, starting the first of the month. Ads are placed in a prominent position on the sidebar, and are rotated weekly throughout the month to encourage visibility. Your ad will be visible all month long.

Ads images and corresponding links must be provided within three days of the start date, in JPEG format. Sidebar ads should be 250×250.

Sponsors are featured in a Meet the Sponsors post scheduled the first week of each month, in addition to the sidebar ad.

The current cost for a 250×250 ad is $25 per month, $75 per quarter, or $250 per year.

The nitty gritty

Sponsors are billed via Paypal invoices. Payment of invoice will indicate a continuation of the sponsorship period; nonpayment will indicate an end to the sponsorship period. Payments must be made at least 5 days before the sponsorship month begins. Sponsorship is non-refundable. There are no guarantees regarding the success of the ads.

Advertisements must not contain explicit or plagiarized content or images.

Well-designed ads with a clear and concise call to action get the best results. However, there is no guarantee that a paid advertisement will generate business. Compensation received from paid advertising will not influence the content or opinions share in Accidentally Green.

Accidentally Green, by the numbers

First blog post was published on 1-1-11.

Accidentally Green is updated 3 to 5 times a week.

17,727 Absolute Unique Visitors in November 2014.

24,675 Page Views in November 2014.

9,884 Accidentally Green followers across all social media platforms, as of November 2014.

Daily Accidentally Green averages 608 visitors, as of November 2014.

Accidentally Green has a Klout score of 55, as of November 2014.

Accidentally Green has Alexa rankings of 227,247 (United States) and 863,274 (worldwide), as of November 2014.

Accidentally Green has a Google Page Rank of 3/10, as of November 2014.

Hilary Kimes Bernstein

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