What I Wish I Could Tell My 22-Year-Old Self

You know how hindsight is 20/20? Here’s what I’d tell my 22-year-old self:

You know how hindsight is 20/20? Here's what I'd tell my 22-year-old self:

Dear 22-Year-Old Hilary,

Congratulations on finishing up your last few months of college! Enjoy the time with your friends while you can!

I know you’re praying about a job right now. And I know you’re scouring for possibilities at Christian magazines. Keep up the hard work! All of your perseverance will pay off. You’ll face a lot of tough decisions and end up being stretched more than you think is possible over the next year, but it’s not a bad thing. You’ll grow and mature a LOT.

I know you want to know the details about where you end up – what state you’ll live in, what job you’ll have, and what happens with that super cute guy you’ve fallen in love with. I don’t want to ruin the surprises for you, though. Just don’t worry! Relax and enjoy this season of your life. 

I know you want to put your major and education to good use. I know you want a job you’ll love. I know you want a man to love and marry you. As much as possible, guard your heart, girly girl. Prepare yourself for heartbreak, but know that you won’t be single forever, so just slow down and relish your singleness. Don’t be desperate when it comes to dating … wait on the Lord’s timing. And keep trusting in Him. As always, He will prove Himself faithful.

One thing I do want to talk to you about is your health. I know … you’re not giving much thought to it. You’re still worried about your acne. And you probably should be. Instead of only turning to medicine and doctors, would you please start rethinking what you eat? Lay off the carbs, milk and sugar for a while. I know they’re comfort food. I know they’re what you crave. But just try eating some fresh veggies for a while and see what happens to your face. And be sure to drink plenty of water, OK?

For your own sake, can you do something about all the makeup? I know you think that you’ll be able to cover up all your acne problems with that foundation, blush and powder. But stop it. The kind you’re using right now is made with all kinds of toxic ingredients, and it’s only making your situation worse. Try to find something a little more natural. I know it’s difficult, since it’s 1998 and all, but try to find something. That burning sensation when you wash your face with your acne soap is not a good thing.

Start finding some way to add a little exercise to your day, too. I know you don’t want to. To be honest, you’re going to have to fight against this apathy and lack of motivation for the rest of  your life. But just get moving. You will be happier when you’re active and fit.

(I know all of this talk about health is probably weirding you out, but don’t worry. Someday you’ll actually be interested in it.)

While we’re talking about healthy changes to make, I want you to go out on a limb this fall and don’t buy all of the cleaning products you’ve been raised with. Skip the air freshening plug-ins. Since most of the cleaning products sold in stores are toxic (I know! What a shock!!) try to make your own out of vinegar, baking soda, lemons, and salt. Search the Internet and magazines for recipe ideas. In a couple years, a cool search engine will come along that will make all of that research much easier for you. (You’ll love learning how to Google things! Isn’t that name just fun?)

You are going to rock when it comes to creating your own home, in whatever apartment you choose. And you’re going to be fine with life after college. I promise. Keep being confident as yourself!

Lots of love,

Your 39-Year-Old Self

P.S. Good job picking that journalism major! You are going to love working as a full-time writer.

You know how hindsight is 20/20? Here's what I'd tell my 22-year-old self:

What would YOU tell your 22-year-old self?