Sea Sponge Tampons Naturally Improve Feminine Hygiene

Gentlemen, since you do not have feminine hygiene needs, this is a polite warning that sea sponge tampons are for ladies. Search around Accidentally Green for other guy-friendly posts. You’ll be glad you do.

I’ve written a LOT about environmentally friendly feminine hygiene in the past four years:

I thought I completely made my switch. I thought I was pleased enough with my reusable supply.

And then I read The Humbled Homemaker’s post, Sea Sponge Tampons: A Natural Alternative for Menstrual Care. My initial reaction, like all others to reusable hygiene products, was “Gross! Why would I ever want to use a sea sponge for a tampon!?”

Surprisingly, sea sponge tampons can naturally improve periods ... AND feminine hygiene.

I kept reading the post and was intrigued by that, much like the way a bleached tampon leaches dioxin, chlorine and pesticides into your bloodstream through your vagina, a sea sponge leaches minerals like sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, and zinc. Without a doubt, I’d rather be exposed to helpful minerals than hazardous toxins.

I’ve also seen photos of moldy tampons and would rather stay away from them. Funny that a sea sponge’s naturally occurring enzymes inhibit mold and bacteria – any kind of bleach needed in synthetic tampons is completely unnecessary.

Ready to try out sea sponge tampons, I was pleasantly surprised that April from The Sea Sponge Company asked me to review their Mediterranean Silk Sea Sponge Tampons. (Sea Clouds also offers dozens of different sustainably harvested sea sponges for other purposes – like bath and body care, cleaning, arts and crafts, and decorations.)

When I received the sea sponge tampons in the mail, they looked like … sea sponges! Three different sizes came with a mesh drying bag.

Surprisingly, sea sponge tampons can naturally improve periods ... AND feminine hygiene.

Once my period started, I chose the smallest sponge, moistened it with water, squeezed it and inserted it. I also used a cloth pantiliner in case of leaks, but then I forgot about it. The sea sponge tampon felt so incredibly natural, I couldn’t even tell I was using it. Seriously.

During the first cycle that I used it, I switched over to the menstrual cup for my heaviest days – but not for long. While I appreciate the menstrual cup’s reusability, I have to tell you – it can be painful to wear. (This could just be my body.) Sometimes it makes funny sounds, due to suction issues. And sometimes, if I move a certain way, it has tipped, creating a hellacious mess. I haven’t had to deal with any of those problems with sea sponge tampons.

  • There’s no suction – and no sounds.
  • There’s no special way of folding it for insertion.
  • There’s absolutely no pain.
  • I can sit in a hard seat without feeling like I’m wearing it for the entire time. (Oh yes, that is what my experience with a menstrual cup has been.)
  • I absolutely love the way it gives me overnight protection – no leaking and no discomfort.

Surprisingly, sea sponge tampons can naturally improve periods ... AND feminine hygiene.

For my most recent cycle, I exclusively used the sea sponge tampon. I noticed my cycle was a day shorter, and I had absolutely NO cramping. After living most of my menstruating life with severe cramps and mess – while using uncomfortable, leaky and noisy disposable menstrual products – this is incredibly welcome. (You don’t have to just take my word for it … Beth from Red and Honey and Stacie from Motherhood On a Dime have had similar experiences.)

I can’t explain why this happens – but my guess is that it has a lot to do with the absence of ramming a wad of toxins into my body, and instead using a soft and cushy barrier filled with minerals that conforms to my body shape. Note: That is my completely non-scientific, non-medical guess.

Sea sponge tampons can be reused for three to six months. Since one pack of Sea Clouds’ Mediterranean Silk Sea Sponge Tampons include three sponges, one kit will last more than a year. Sea Clouds offers plenty of options – mini, light, regular, super and ultra – including starter kits. I appreciate how the reusability means budget-friendly feminine hygiene. Plus, it’s a relief to not have to worry about restocking my menstrual product stash from month to month.

Clean up is slightly messier than a menstrual cup – but it’s easy. I simply blot my sea sponge with toilet paper, then rinse it clean with tap water.

Surprisingly, sea sponge tampons can naturally improve periods ... AND feminine hygiene.

In many ways, I can’t believe it’s taken me 27 years of periods to finally have a cramp-free, mess-free period. I can’t believe I can have my period and completely forget that I’m menstruating. I happily welcome it, though – I just never thought a sea sponge would bring such a change.

Doubters may scoff that a simple change in feminine hygiene products can create such a radical change. Scoff away.  I’ll be the one with a lighter, cramp-free period.

Ready to change your own menstrual care? Try your own sea sponge tampons during your next period! The Sea Sponge Company is offering 10% off to Accidentally Green readers. Simply use the coupon code “gogreen10.”

If you already use sea sponge tampons, how have they naturally improved your feminine hygiene?

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