Trying (& Liking!) All-Natural Insecticide + a Giveaway

Disclosure: I received a complimentary 24-ounce Eco Kill all-natural insecticide from YardGard. All opinions are my own.

I hate bugs. I know that they’re an essential part of this world and many of them can be helpful. But I just don’t like them.

I especially don’t like them when they’re in my house. (Once they come in my house, they’ve got to go out of my house … dead or alive.) And, over the past few summers I’ve discovered I don’t like it when huge spiders spin their webs right outside of our home.

For whatever instinctual reason, these big spiders love to make their homes in the flower gardens that line our front sidewalk and back deck. I never know when I might accidentally lean into one of their webs while I’m weeding – in fact, last year a fairly large spider jumped on my leg while I busily yanking weeds. I screamed so loud and danced and flailed so wildly my poor kiddos didn’t know what was the matter. (In response, they went running and screaming to our house.)

For as much as I dislike bugs, though, I dislike synthetic insecticides even more. I just don’t want to use them. So when I heard about Yard Gard’s All-Natural Lawn and Garden Products, I was very intrigued. Could their all-natural Eco-Kill Insect Spray really take care of my spider population? And the Japanese beetles that are munching on our pole beans?

I was very excited to try Eco-Kill, but also a little nervous. I had tried to make homemade insect killers in the past with essential oils – and they didn’t work.

But Eco-Kill worked.

Trying (and Liking) All-Natural Insect Repellent {}

I sprayed a good amount of Eco-Kill all over the spider webs that were spun around the doors and windows of our house. The big spiders did not like the spray one bit – but I did. The spray left a pleasantly natural, peppery scent (it does include white pepper and red pepper). The spray didn’t kill on contact. But when I checked back a day later, the spider webs had actually shriveled up and all traces of the spiders were gone.

The big spiders took two or three separate applications of the Eco-Kill before they vanished. (Eco-Kill does advise that “some harder to kill insects may require multiple applications.”)

The spray worked on our Japanese beetles, too. And a huge benefit to Eco-Kill is that it’s safe to use on your plants the same day as your harvest. (It’s made with organic ingredients.)

I like it because it’s effective – plus, it doesn’t pollute the soil, air, water, edible plants … and it doesn’t kill bees, so all of my garden can still be pollinated.

More than insects

Yard Gard offers a lot more than insect spray, though. They also sell all-natural:


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