Trying {& Liking} Moody Sisters’ Powder Deodorant

Disclosure: Moody Sisters has sponsored this review. All opinions are completely my own.

Natural deodorant? I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t been one to try it much. After sampling a vinegar-based spray – and getting whiffs of vinegar from my armpits all day long – I’ve stuck to safer commercial brands.

But I’ve been a dissatisfied customer. Synthetic-based deodorant or not, it leaves me stinking when I’m truly sweating. Since this typically happens when I’m in the middle of some sort of a public presentation – like teaching a class – the LAST thing I want to do is smell my own body odor and wonder if others can smell it, too.

When the Moody Sisters approached me to review their products, I was excited to try a powder deodorant. And a little skeptical. Could handmade deodorant with ingredients like organic cornstarch, organic arrowroot powder, baking soda and essential oils really deodorize my stinky pits?

Trying {& Liking} Moody Sisters’ Powder Deodorant {}

I decided to try it under extreme conditions – during a walking tour in hot and humid Williamsburg, Virginia. Every morning before I left for a day of sightseeing, I applied Moody Sisters’ Vanilla Orange Powder Deodorant with a big powder puff. Since I was on the go all day long – for five days in a row – I didn’t have a chance to reapply throughout the day.

On four nights, I was shocked to return to my hotel room and discover that the deodorant worked wonderfully. I had absolutely no body odor. Only one night I noticed any odor – and that was after walking for 6 hours in 90+ degree heat.

I was amazed at the effectiveness of this deodorant. (And I love the way it smells like candy!)

Other Moody products

Powder deodorant isn’t the only product the Moody Sisters craft. They also create:

Who are the Moody Sisters?

Jess and Whitney, the Moody Sisters, handcraft all their products in small batches in their Cashmere, Washington kitchen to ensure that their natural personal care products are fresh. (When they say natural, they mean natural … Moody Sisters products contain absolutely no parabens, chemicals, dyes, fragrances or sulfates.)

They began experimenting with homemade skin and beauty products to help their own moody skin – then truly appreciated how natural and safe they were, even for their young daughters.

Jess and Whitney’s mission? To help customers save money, balance moody skin and love the earth.

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