Green Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Have you ever noticed that April showers seem to bring June weddings? With the summer wedding season approaching, this is a popular time for bridal showers.

Green Bridal Shower Gift Ideas Image courtesy of Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot/

If you’re wondering how to share your green lifestyle choices with the brides and grooms in your life, here are a few green shower gift ideas:

Portable glass food storage containers

Sometimes plastic food storage container sets seem like such a great deal – yet glass ones are so much better for your health and the environment, and just as handy as plastic. (I’d argue that they’re even handier, since they’ll never stain or melt.)

Cloth kitchen towels

Cloth towels for the kitchen are handy – whether they’re dish towels or hand towels. You could even spring for reusable paper towels to really encourage a greener kitchen.

Cloth napkins

Because my family has used our cloth napkins at every meal, every day, for the past five years, I look at cloth napkins as an essential in our home. (I chose to give cloth napkins at two bridal showers this month.) While newlyweds may look at cloth napkins as a romantic touch, it’s also a very practical, green gift.

French press

If the happy couple are coffee lovers, they might really enjoy a French press. They’ll be able to brew a mean cup of joe without using any paper filters – and they won’t be exposed to leaching plastic.

Creative collections

If you’ve checked Pinterest for cutesy gift ideas, you may have noticed creative collections that include all the ingredients and kitchen necessities for one certain purpose. (For example, cookie sheets, spatulas, cooling racks and processed cookie mixes.)

These gift ideas are great – and you can easily add a healthy spin. For a healthy breakfast gift, give a cast iron frying pan, spatula, organic pancake mix, and real maple syrup. Or give the French press along with coffee mugs, a coffee bean grinder, and organic, fair trade coffee beans.

A word about registries

Most couples have registries. And most couples love the gift ideas on their registries – even if you don’t. Since you’re giving a gift, though, it’s completely up to you if you want to fulfill their requests or go rogue.

If you do decide to give gifts from a registry, choose options that are green and/or healthy. If the couple has registered for non-stick pots and pans, don’t buy pots and pans. Choose something else.

Chances are, there are plenty of gift options on the registry that aren’t overly green – but are environmentally friendly. Give bath towels, sheets, stoneware for the kitchen, drinking glasses, or kitchen gadgets.

What is a favorite green gift you love to give at bridal showers? If you’re married, what’s a favorite green wedding gift you received?

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