Green Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If a woman will change to a healthier, greener lifestyle, I believe it is more likely to happen when she’s pregnant. It may happen at other times, but from my experience I’ve found that most healthy and green moms began changing once they became mothers.

It makes perfect sense to me: when faced with the startling realization that they’re responsible for a helpless being’s health and welfare, many mothers-to-be look for safe and healthy options.

Green Baby Shower Gift Ideas {Accidentally Green}
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Shopping for green baby shower gifts shouldn’t be a stretch. As long as you keep a healthy baby in mind, buying green gifts isn’t too difficult. Here are some ideas:

Safe baby shampoos, body washes and lotions

Check the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database for ideas. You can pair a safe shampoo or bubble bath with cute towels and wash cloths.

Cloth diaper starter kit

Help the new mom get her cloth diaper stash started with some different varieties of cloth diapers, disposable or cloth wipes (washcloths work perfectly!), safe diaper rash ointment, and a copy of Erin Odom’s eBook, Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert.

Baby food starter kit

Although solid food seems like a long way off for a newborn, moms will appreciate a gift of bibs, baby spoons, a mini food processor (like a Baby Bullet) or food mill, and a copy of my eBook, First Bites.

Ultimate help

To help a new mom learn how to take care of her new baby, why not give her an Ultimate Homemaking Bundle? It includes 78 eBooks, audio files and printables … plus you can redeem the 10 bonus offers before the shower and give them. The entire bundle, worth more than $850, only costs $29.97.

Other gift ideas

If you’re looking for other ideas, consider baby slings, nursing covers, glass bottles, or organic cotton baby sheets or receiving blankets.

What is a favorite green gift you love to give at baby showers? If you’re a parent, what’s a favorite green baby gift you received?

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